About The Book

What would you tell a frog who wants to know why he is different from other frogs? That s exactly the question Tiffany asks herself when she meets Forest, an albino frog who is sure God made a mistake in making him. Tiffany tells Forest that her mom always talks about the Crown of Rye Chestnuts, and suggests they go looking for it together. Finding the crown becomes their mission. In this journey, the characters meet a variety of friends who join the quest. That s when Tiffany gets the idea to call themselves The Fellowship of the Crown after those hobbit books her mom reads. Ultimately, the pair discovers the Crown of Rye Chestnuts is really the Crown of Righteousness, promised in 2 Timothy 4:8. What they don t know is that the crown has been there all along, just waiting for God to reveal it by developing virtuous character traits in them. The crown is not an item to be earned or won, but rather the goal of a life fully surrendered to God. Tiffany and the Talking Frog helps children understand how to make wise life choices. How? By following Tiffany, who gets into one tight spot after another and must decide to do what is right rather than what she feels like doing. Through stories that present situations typical of those faced by children every day, parents and children are encouraged to discuss and discover together why right choices matter. Spiritual growth is fostered as the main characters learn to hear and follow God s voice. Along with the main characters, children will discover important truths, particularly the qualities God wants to build in each one of them.