IMG3031bw-MSandra Maddox knows what it’s like to have her life stolen from her. She knows what it’s like to wake up one morning thinking everything is right in the world, only to have her world turn completely upside down moments later. She knows what it’s like to hurt, to grieve, to feel that God can’t possibly be loving and still let the unthinkable happen to her. But it did—in 2003, when her 24-year-old daughter, heer only child, Tiffany, was tragically killed in an auto accident.

Like any heartbroken mother, Sandra asked God “why?” – over and over and over. And then she did something some might find a little different: she listened for his answer. In  fact, she insisted on getting it! And God knew that Sandra meant it.

Today, out of the ashes of her pain, Sandra is ministering to thousands of young women—mothers of small children just like she once was herself. Through her Treasured ministry at Saddleback Church, Sandra feeds into them hope, encouragement for the tough days, motherly advice through moms who’ve been there, and most of all a love that’s from the heart of God himself.

In addition to her growing ministry, Sandra loves-on women nationwide, helping them find purpose through pain, strength and commitment for their marriages, and encouraging them to see their homes as laboratories for growing tomorrow’s godly leaders.

Her popular children’s book series, Tiffany and the Talking Frog, written with co-author Peggy Matthews Rose, is delighting readers and encouraging families to take up the old-fashioned practice of reading aloud with your kids. “Fewer tools are more important than books and reading together for building strong, inquisitive, problem-solving minds,” says Sandra.   Sandra Maddox lives in Newport Beach, California, with her husband, Ron Maddox, and their adorable poodles.